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On a fishing boat, the harder you work and the more fish you catch, the more money everyone on the boat shares.  You can have good days and bad days.  Some crew comes with nothing but hard work, some crew bring equipment, skills or buy into the boat.  We have the boats, equipment, buildings, pool, licenses and more so that anyone who works hard can be part of the team or run their own boats or program.

Here is a list of programs that we  offer.   We encourage you to modify the content for interest, safety, quality or presentation!   It typically takes one day for an experienced person to learn most of these well enough to teach or lead them, with a few exceptions where you need months or years of experience.  Most programs can be taught in half a day, again with some exceptions.  You can add or subtract material and modify the program.   You are the leader!

We will consider training crew from scratch if they show potential and come with the right attitude.  We will consider taking on people that need to live on the boats or property until they get on their feet.

Volunteer / Staff - camp counselor or leader!


For more information about these programs, follow these links.

We also have reference books for our leaders to get more information.

Archery  2012 TPF


Athletics  2012 TPF


Backpacking  2008 TPF


Camping  2012 TPF


Canoeing  2005 TPF


Chess  2013


Disabilities Awareness  2006


First Aid  2008 TPF


Fishing  2013 TPF


Hiking  2013 TPF


Indian Lore  2009


Kayaking  2012


Lifesaving  2009 TPF


Motorboating  2012


Music  2012 TPF


Nature  2004 TPF


Search and Rescue  2012


Small-Boat Sailing  2005 TPF


Sports  2011 TPF


Swimming  2009 TPF


Water Sports  2008



For advanced training in sailing and scuba use these resources


About USCG questions


Deck -all published


Deck –modified


Deck –reference


General –deck


General – deck questions 1


General –deck questions 2


General navigation


Navigation 2


General safety




Newest deck illustrations


Rules of the road


Basic sailing


Coastal navigation


Advanced coastal cruising


Bareboat chartering


Offshore passagemaking






Documented vessel


Operator law


Sea service 1


Sea service 2



Link for Nurse Assistant Videos

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